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When you go fishing semi-regularly, you will often find that you keep thinking the same thing every time you go.

One problem or pattern will keep cropping up to the point where you cannot ignore it, and eventually you will make a note to be aware of it next time.

There are certain things that any fisherman needs to be aware of, and these things should give you some clue as to what you should put in your fishing box – something you should have if you are going to make a habit, or a hobby, of fishing.

One thing you should certainly have is a knife. The main reason for this is that, every time you hook a fish, the line you use will become somewhat weakened, and in some places will even break.

When this happens, in order to stop the integrity of the line from being damaged you will need to cut the line and create a new “end”. Additionally, you may need to cut bait – and if you are planning to dine on fresh fish you can even clean and fillet your catch.

Other things that will come in more than useful include a pair of pliers – essential for pulling hooks out of fish and also out of human skin should it be necessary.

A file and a cigarette lighter will be useful too, as the file will enable you to sharpen hooks and the lighter will enable you to repair damage to plastic lures.

Finally, you should make sure that you also bring sunscreen if the weather is sunny, and painkillers as well as any other medication you require day-to-day.

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