It Takes Two Or More

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When you go fishing on your own, you are likely to find that the process is just not as much fun as you would like it to be. It’s not just because an experience shared is an experience enhanced, either.

Of course, sitting down on a riverbank with a few cold drinks and snacks makes for a fine experience, but there is a bigger reason to have a fishing partner – the fact that fishing can be difficult, and there is always a better chance of having a good day’s fishing if you have a experienced colleague.

When you are starting out, it is always beneficial to have a more experienced fishing partner. Because you are just beginning, you are likely to make mistakes, and there are things you simply will not know.

Fishing with an experienced partner means that you will have someone to ask when you don’t know something, and someone who can fix things that go wrong.

For the same reason, it is advisable that you choose to fish with someone who is easy-going and doesn’t mind sharing the benefit of their experience with a novice.

There are so many reasons why fishing with a partner is better than fishing alone. The benefits of companionship and shared knowledge far outweigh any disadvantage.

The only disadvantage one can imagine is that there is likely to be more noise from more people.

This may disturb fish, but a experienced fisherman will know to be more relaxed and how to make less noise.

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