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The skiing fraternity seem to many people as though they have a monopoly on post-hobby fun. In fact, there is a French word – après-ski – which is used to describe a social scene which is present in nigh-on every ski resort in the world. In practice, it generally means drinking a lot of schnapps and dancing to incredibly loud music. Although fishing is perhaps less of an intensely energetic pursuit than skiing, the fishing fraternity still don’t so too badly for an evening’s entertainment.

If you go on a fishing trip, you will usually be located in a fairly rural setting. Although this may not play in most people’s minds, into something which could be considered the height of social enjoyment, it is more or less a rule that every fishing village or small town will have at least one bar which serves good, hearty food and enough beer to sink a small navy. This is something that makes a fishing trip worthwhile even for some of the less committed anglers in your group.

It may be that you don’t want to go out after your afternoon’s work. There is no harm to this, either, and it may be that you will prefer to return to your accommodation and set to preparing the fish you have caught for an evening meal. This is one of the most enjoyable things about fishing – knowing that you have caught and prepared what you are eating. It brings out something primal in a person, which satisfies an urge.

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